Small Corporate

Top quality service is what we strive for!

It is widely recognized that small and medium-sized enterprises, of which there are over 250,000 in Quebec, are powerful engines of job creation. It is not an overstatement to say that damage insurance is to them an ‘essential service’. A SME that is properly insured can face up to its responsibilities when adversity strikes – i.e., pay its employees, rebuild, replace equipment and materials, and recover operating losses.

Damage insurance is clearly an instrument of growing importance in the effective management of an organisation. The choice of a good advisor is therefore a critical decision, allowing the organisation to protect its assets but also, even more importantly, to guard itself against eventualities that could inhibit growth or profitability.

AGMA insurance a much-needed partner for a sound management of your business insurance portfolio.

Our solemn duty as a damage insurance firm is to provide superior expertise, along with a quality of service that will bring peace of mind to our clients. An organisation with millions of dollars in assets must deal with a competent insurance provider and rely on the advice of an experienced broker who can correctly anticipate risks and provide the coverage needed to ensure the financial stability and survival of the organisation in the aftermath of a disaster. It simply cannot afford to make the wrong choice.

Too many organisations are dissatisfied with the insurance coverage they have. This is usually due to an inadequate understanding of the products they subscribe to or to poor after-sales service. Some insurance brokers emphasize sales without attaching too much importance to the other aspects of catering to a client’s needs. Our role is not limited to selling insurance policies; we must help our clients navigate through a very complex environment. The bond of trust must be so solid that the client cannot get by without the broker’s advice! The people who come to us are entitled to a high level of professionalism; this is a message we are eager to pass on to the younger members of our profession. Professionalism is central to maintaining standards of quality of the highest order within our industry.

Top quality service is what we strive for!