Large Corporate

Large companies are exposed to a wide range of risks, both physical and legal. An accident or other detrimental event can also disrupt operations at any time. This is why identifying the risks inherent to one’s operations is so critical. The effective management of such risks is essential to the survival and prosperity of a company. Even though the insurance portfolio is just one element of an overall risk management program, it is an indispensable component.

In addition to its considerable experience in creating and managing commercial insurance portfolios, AGMA insurance has valuable expertise in risk management and disaster prevention. This competence results from working in close collaboration with senior managers and risk management specialists in a variety of companies.

AGMA’s president, Michel Auger, has been an active member of many risk management committees. In that capacity, he has played a role in establishing risk management structures within several manufacturing companies, thereby providing operational stability while enhancing public perception.

AGMA insurance believes that loss prevention is a necessary complement to the analysis and development of a commercial insurance portfolio.

AGMA insurance can help ensure the long term existence of your company by preventing all forms of inherent risks..

As your insurance partner, AGMA insurance will be an asset in the integration of an insurance component to your risk management program.

Here are some of the advantages of having a management structure focused on effective prevention and risk management:

Savings (unplanned production stoppages can be very costly)
 Positive public image and reputation
 Lower risk of prosecution
 Secure environment
 Fewer/no damages resulting from unforeseen or extraordinary events (force majeure)
 Availability of a contingency plan
 Better grasp of one’s insurance needs
 Reliance on an insurance broker worthy of trust.


AGMA insurance goes way beyond putting together an insurance portfolio, so please get in touch with us!